2017-12-06 (Kippis)

Today, I learned that:

Some countries have suffered through centuries to finally be able to celebrate their independence as a state. One such example is Poland, squeezed between the super powers of their time, and another is Finland. The latter was reigned by Sweden and Russia during some 700 years, until finally, in the wake of the World War I and the bolshevik revolution in Russia, it declared its independence exactly 100 years ago today. It is inhabited by people who never give up, but always work hard to get their opinion through. So today, continuing their spirit of ‘sisu’ and ‘hakkaa päälle’, I raise my glass and cling it with my Finnish friends and shout ‘Kippis!’ And of course, we enjoy the music of M. A. Numminen, singing his Swedish version of ‘American patrol’, named ‘Uppå källarbacken’, a song which played 24/7 when we built our Cortege-car at Chalmers 1975. See also reference #1 below.

References # 2, 3, and 4 below show some different aspects of Finland and its achievements over the years. And the following photo depicts the Finnish national animal, the Bear. The photo was taken by Saajaja on 2012-03-08.


The Finnish bear, captured by Saajaja on 2012-03-08

Finally, if you like the works of the Canadian multimedia artist Neil Young, here is a great hint for you: From now and until 2018-06-30, you can stream all of his songs and videos for free with an audio bit rate of at least 320 kbits/s. Click on the link in reference #5 and good listening!

That’s what I learned in school !


1: M. A. Numminen – Uppå källarbacken

2: Finland

3: Finland celebrates 100 years of independence: ten fast facts

4: Finland fyller 100 år – detta får du inte missa

5: Neil Young Archives

*: What did you learn in school today ?e

2016-04-02 (Saturday)

Today, I learned that:

Last night, I took my son and his girl friend to an outdoor consert with Skank, one of Brazil’s leading rock band for a couple of decades, which you can see in full action in the photo below. The surprising venue was Arena Brasil, located in the outskirts of Paraná’s leading textile city, Cianorte. The evening was warm and pleasant. Skank presented a mixed program spanning from some of their all-time hits until the most recent tunes. The public interacted well with the band and sang together the lyrics of the well-known songs. And the whole arena exploded when Skank once again paid a tribute to the Brazilian pastime, football. Listen to “É Uma Partida De Futebol” (It is a Football game) in reference #1 below.


Show by Skank in Cianorte, PR, Brazil on 2016-04-01

Yesterday’s event came as a relaxing break from the distressing reality of the Brazilian everyday life. However, the rotten economy, the political scandals, the official corruption, etc., are still here. Radio Sweden’s Saturday program about Economics discussed all this in a way accessible to all its listeners. Listen to the program in reference #2 below (unfortunately only in Swedish) and stay on top of the current situation here.

… That’s what I learned in school !


1: É Uma Partida De Futebol

2: Brasiliens ekonomiska kris

+: What did you learn in school today ?