90’2023 (2023-03-31) – Friday

Today, I learned about:

They say that the older one gets, the faster time seems to speed away. There are even those scients who try to quantify the time acceleration as the inverse ratio of the age difference. So, do you remember when you were 8 years old, the Summer holiday seemed to last for ever, although it was only a few months. When you hit 40 you saw that the same calendar time now only seemed to last 20 % of what you felt when you were 8.

Unfortunately, my 40th birthday happened quite some time ago, and I can really feel the acceleration in time. For that reason, I was totally taken by surprise today when I realized that we have come to the end of yet another month. There were so many things I wanted to tell you this month, but there is no time left.

I promise that in April I will compensate for that and tell you about two really cool events that have occured during the first quarter of 2023, in Brazil and Sweden. Sit tight and start to count the days!

That’s what I learned in school today!


*: What did you learn in school today ?