2019-01-09 (3 years!!!)

Today, I learned that:

Time travels so fast! Exactly to the date, three years ago, I started this blog and it has been a fantastic experience. Thanks all you faithful followers for your support and advice. Unfortunately, during 2018 other commitments made me write very few blog posts, I will try to improve on that in 2019.

For all of you who have struggled with the puzzles I gave in the most recent blog, 2018-12-31, here are the solutions.

Which is the number of the parking space hidden by the car?

Look at the following image and you will see it immediately!

The busy fly

John von Neumann did not waste any time. After having replied immediately to the student who had posed the question, the impressed student asked the master if he had found the solution without making any calculations. No, on the contrary, I summed all the partial distances, was von Neumann’s reply.

But if you are no master in making calculations in your head, you can even beat von Neumann in speed by using the following reasoning: Any physics students knows that s = v x t, i.e. distance equals speed times time. Each cyclist travels 25 km using a speed of 25 km/h, so they will meet after exactly 1 h. The fly travels at 50 km/h during the same 1 h, i.e. a total distance of 50 km. QED!

That’s what I learned in school !


*: What did you learn in school today ?

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