2020-09-22 (No cars but a plane!)

Today, I learned about:

Earlier today, two very interesting events happened. Although there is no formal connection between the two, both include Sweden and Brazil, a plane and no cars! If you think that it sounds strange, then see below how they are interconnected:

World Car Free Day

Ever since year 2000, September 22 is celebrated as the World Car Free Day, where many cities close their centers to not allow any cars, giving way to pedestrians and bicycles. I had the pleasure of participating in an online event organised by the Swedish embassy in Brasília dealing with Vision Zero, how to organise the traffic in order to reduce the mortality rate, ideally down to 0.

More information will follow in a coming post. In the meantime, see references # 1 and 2 below.

Gripen finally in Brazil

In my post of 2019-08-27 , I wrote about the first test flight made by the Swedish fighter jet Saab Gripen, which is on order from the Brazilian Air Force. And now it is here in Brazil! It arrived by ship last Sunday, and in the early morning hours today, it took advantage of the absence of cars and was transported by road from the port of Itajaí to the neighbouring airport of Navegantes, state of Santa Catarina. There it will be fully equipped and tested, before it will make its maiden voyage to the Embraer plant in Gavião Peixoto, state of São Paulo.

Also, here I have more information coming up in a coming post. For now, you will have to wait by watching the photo below and the information in reference # 3.

Saab Gripen being towed from the port of Itajaí to the airport of Navegantes, in the morning hours of 2020-09-22.

Update 2020-09-25

Yesterday, the first Gripen E made its maiden Brazilian voyage. In the photos below, you can see its take-off from Navegantes and landing in Gavião Peixoto. Also, in reference #4 below is Saab’s press release about this historic event.

Thanks to Saab, Embraer and FAB who made all this possible!

Gripen E takes off in its Brazilian maiden voyage on 2020-09-24 from Navegantes, state of Santa Catarina. Photo by Saab.
Gripen E lands in Gavião Peixoto, state of São Paulo. Photo by Saab.

That’s what I learned in school !


1: World Car Free Day

2: Vision Zero and substainable mobility

3: Gripen in Brazil

4: Gripen’s Brazilian maiden voyage

*: What did you learn in school today ?

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