120’2021 (2021-04-30) – Valborg

Today, I learned about:

We have experienced yet another interesting month in our lives, and what follows below is of course only a small portion of what I really wanted to publish.

Complement to my post about Vasaloppet

In my post of 87’2021 (2021-03-28) , I wrote about the traditional ski race Vasaloppet. It starts in the town of Sälen and ends in Mora, 90 km away. One of my faithful readers sent me a nice picture from the same Sälen, where he recently enjoyed a different kind of skiing, going downhill. You can see it here, taken at the peak Hundfjället (“Dog mountain”).

Hundfjället is a popular ski resort in the Swedish town of Sälen, province of Dalarna, close to the Norwegian border.

Making it easier to deal with the proposed numbering of days

In my post of 9’2021 (2021-01-09) , I suggested that we started to think about a new, unified way of writing dates, abolishing the months and changing to a sequential count of the days in the year.

Many people have expressed their support of the proposed scheme, but raise doubts about how we more easily can get used to it. Therefore, here is one way, turning the cell phone’s lockscreen into a monthly calendar, with both the current and the proposed day count and making it also function as a communications tool between peoples and languages.

This is an example of what I write above, and which also helps Swedes and Brazilians to know the holidays in each other’s countries. It is meant for the lockscreen of an iPhone SE with 640 x 1136 pixels, but can easily be adapted to any cell phone by anyone with a little patience and imagination. The picture at the bottom was taken last week in the Southern Swedish city of Lund, with its well-known university in the background. It shows how Spring is invading Sweden from the South. Thanks to my friend Eva Pulverer for her delightful participation!

That’s what I learned in school today!


*: What did you learn in school today ?

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