31’2023 (2023-01-31) – Tuesday

Today, I learned about:

Summer is hitting hard on Brazil right now, heavy rainfalls mixed with blazing sunshine. This photo shows the reality on the other hemisphere of our world. It was taken outside the Swedish town of Sälen in the beginning of December, 2022, and on those latitudes it is still pretty much the same.

A photo taken in Sälen, Sweden, on 338’2022 (2022-12-04) by one of my most faithful followers.

Only 350 km to the North of Sälen lies Östersund, another well-known place for winter sports. During the second half of January, 2023, Östersund hosted the Para Nordic Skiing World Championships 2023, and one would think that for a tropic country like Brazil it would be a mere curiousity. But on the contrary, if you have followed my recent posts you would well know by now that Brazil is eagerly thriving to gain a good position also in winter sports. And here are the results:

Brazil finished in the ninth top position in the general medals table, with 1 gold medal and 3 bronze medals. The historic feat of winning a world championship was conquered by Aline Rocha in the sprint category. Besides that, she also won two bronze medals, and her male colleague Cristian Ribera won a bronze medal in sprint. Here is a picture of Aline with the well deserved gold medal around her neck:

Aline Rocha commemorating Brazil’s first ever gold medal in a nordic skiing world championship. Photo courtesy of CBDN.

More information can be found in reference #1 below.

In February, I will return to talk about a recent event on Brazilian soil, stay tuned!

That’s what I learned in school today!


1: Results from the Para Nordic Skiing World Championships 2023

*: What did you learn in school today ?

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