2016-04-13 (Wednesday)

Today, I learned that:

It seems that SHL (Swedish Hockey League) has yet another thing in common with big brother NHL (National Hockey League). Further to the similarity of the names, in today’s radio program about ice hockey from Radio Sweden, also called Istid (literally meaning ‘Ice time’), it was explained that there is also a rule in SHL regarding the nuance of the uniform used by the two opponents, which also smells very NHL. The rule requires that the home team use dark colored shirts and the away team use light colored ones. The classical team Leksand, which will return to SHL next season, pleaded to use their traditional white jerseys at home, but without success.  I apologize for any contrary information in my post of 2016-02-11.


Two photos which prove the SHL rule of dark colored shirts at home and light colored ones away. The leftmost photo shows a happy Robert Rosén from Växjö Lakers after his team, playing at home, forced a seventh semi-final game against Skellefteå AIK on 2016-04-11, by scoring one second before the end of regulation! The rightmost photo shows players from Skellefteå AIK, in their home jerseys, celebrating the decisive goal during the sudden death over time, when playing at home today, 2016-04-13. The photos were taken by photographers from TT, Mikael Fritzon (left) and Robert Granström (right), respectively.

Finally, the photos below were taken exactly 11 years ago, showing typical means of transport in Shanghai then. I understand that now there are many more private cars in the streets, as well as many more options to travel by subway. In 2005, there were only 2 subway lines, but as a preparation for the 2010 World Exhibition, 15 more lines were built during those 5 years!


Photos I took on 2005-04-13 in Shanghai. Regarding the two bottom photos, taken in the subway, many other subway cars around the world have monitors inside them nowadays, but I think that signs like the ones on the bottom left should be used more frequently also elsewhere to avoid disgusting passenger behaviors.

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1: Istid 13 april

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2016-04-05 (Tuesday)

Today, I learned that:

In a world with so much violence, crimes and frauds, one could expect that at least sport competitions would give us some time to recover our senses and enjoy them.

But unfortunately, there is so much mischief going on also in sports, that it further adds on to all the other stress items we have to endure.

This morning, I read in Folha de S. Paulo, see reference #1 below, that the government of the State of São Paulo, for safety reasons, will not permit that the supporters of the away team in the matches among the teams from the capital, the so-called “classical matches”, be present in the stadium. The drop that made the bottle flow over was the violence last Sunday, in connection with the match between Palmeiras and Corinthians. A person waiting for his bus home at a bus stop was shot and died. He had nothing to do with the fighting supporters, just happened to be “at the wrong place at the wrong time”.

In Sweden, the premium football league, named “Allsvenskan” started the 2016 season last Sunday. The public attendence was good, even higher than the icehockey games of Swedish Hockey League, but there is one thing that I find most distressing in relation to the so-called “supporters” who find more pleasure in lighting artifical fires, “Bengal fires” on the grandstands, instead of concentrating themselves on the game. How about arranging separate competitions between Bengal supporters instead, who can create the finest, multi-coloured, smoky fires, so that real football fans can watch their game without the incendiary disturbance? If you are literate in Swedish, listen also to the interview in reference # 2, where the police give their negative opinion about this practice.


Supporters from IFK Göteborg “enjoying” their Bengal fires, in an earlier game against IF Elfsborg. Photo by Björn Larsson Rosvall / TT

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1: Governo impõe torcida única para clássicos em São Paulo

2: Polisen ser ingen lösning på bengalerna

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2016-03-09 (Wednesday)

Today, I learned that:

Already yesterday, I could watch in real time a streaming video of the total solar eclipse, which was happening at the same time next day in the Pacific Ocean. It was a webcast arranged by NASA (North American Space Administration) transmitting live from one of the Micronesian islands, where the eclipse was total during 4 minutes, from 22:38 to 22:42 yesterday my time. Below, I show two screen shots that I took during the totality.


Two photos from NASAs webcast from Micronesia, showing the totality of the solar eclipse. The left photo, from the first seconds of totality, shows the Sun’s corona and the second one is the exact moment when the Sun starts to get out of the Moon’s obstruction, creating a so-called Diamond Ring.

And while we are at it, here comes another update to my post from 2016-02-15, when AIK celebrated its 125th anniversary:

After an exciting sudden death, AIK beat Tingsryd with 4-3 and won the Swedish Icehockey’s 2nd division, aka Allsvenskan. Now AIK will dispute a series of best of 7 against Karlskrona, where the winner is qualified for SHL next year.

And of course, we must not forget that the Swedish female national football team today qualified for the Olympic Games after a draw (1-1) with the Netherlands.

To continue in the name of sports, here are two other interesting facts:

According to a podcast from Scientific American (reference #2 below), a researcher who wanted to measure perception went to a softball game and after the game, she showed the players a poster with different sized softballs, asking them to point out the correct one. People who hit better selected a larger circle, meaning the batters who were hitting better saw the ball as bigger. Which means not everyone sees the ball the same way. And it also means that what we see is affected by our ability to act. Performance impacts vision.

In other studies she found that golfers who putted better saw the hole as bigger than did poor putters. Faster swimmers saw targets underwater as being closer than did slower swimmers. And she had athletes who were not placekickers try to make field goals in American football. The ones who did better saw the space between the uprights as wider.

Bottom line:
“You don’t see the world the same the others. You see the world in a way that’s unique to you, and it’s unique to your abilities.”

Finally, do you know what a golden set is? In volleyball, if after the last play-off match, two teams are still tied, a sixth set (“golden set”) decides which team wins the play-off series. This means, that one team wins by a 3-3 set draw! See reference #3 below, if you do not believe me!

… That’s what I learned in school !


1: The total solar eclipse 2016-03-09 over Micronesia

2: Ball Really Looks Bigger to Better Hitters

3: Golden set to decide a volleyball game

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